Partner With Us!

Our expertise lies in owning and managing partner hotels and resorts. You’ll benefit from our experience and wisdom of building and running our own hotels. You’ll gain from our appreciation of all aspects of the operations. You can use our understanding of the business to deftly sidestep potential pitfalls and pain points.
Our standing in the industry is an established and impeccable one. You’ll notice that the goodwill that accrues to you through a relationship with us is not just significant but across the board. The salience of our brand name, the power of our marketing muscle and the strength of our communication strategy help you cash in on the groundswell.
Our corporate tie-ups are our biggest asset and the long-lasting relationships we enjoy are testimony to it. You’ll experience the value of this rich source of quality clientele.
Our online presence and our strong technology backbone keep us on the radar of our net-savvy guests at all times. You’ll get increased traction on our comprehensive website and an impressive social media footprint. All this, in a market where transactions and salience are directly impacted by the digital space.
Our tried and tested, flexible and agile operating platform ensures execution of processes and systems which are cost optimal. You’ll find it allows an exponential flow through to the gross operating profit for every additional rupee earned.

Management Contract

A partnership of this magnitude entrusts us with the responsibility of operating your hotel or resort. We will invest our time and expertise that stems from the cross-domain experience, which our team skillfully uses to exploit the latent potential of your existing operating system. This positive reinforcement boosts efficiency and positively impacts the revenue streams delivering industry-level gross operating profits. We can make this a reality because of our adept knowledge, skilled team of professionals and countless years of experience in the industry that enables us to succeed.


Affiliations with our brand name will significantly increase the impact of your hotel or resort. Elevated brand awareness, greater success quotients, accessibility to our centralized systems all work toward increasing your business. Plugging into our distribution channels gives you a powerful sales thrust. We entrust you with our brand name so that you can capitalize on the value that we have successfully generated for ourselves. The high standards that we have maintained across all our hotels and our look and feel that is synonymous with our brand can be used to your benefit.


Give us your details and we will get in touch with you to see how we can take the conversation forward.